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About American Mountain Co

About usThe American Mountain Co. crafts the finest mountain wear available. Our products are created with an unwavering obsession for every aspect of performance, quality, functionality, and design; blending both classic style and optimum performance, while leaving neither lacking.

Our obsession is driven by our passion.

The mountains have a unique way of testing your resilience. The cliffs and cold push you to your physical and mental limits. Your emotions will play endless games with your pursuit of the summit. Few will ever be able to comprehend what these moments are like; what that climb was like. Few will understand the feeling of gravity and fear pulling you down, while your passion and determination push you higher. It is for these moments, these experiences, that our mountain wear is designed.

Driven by a desire to make products with fortitude and inspired by our passion for the experiences only found in the mountains, we are determined to make mountain wear reminiscent of a time when climbing was in its purest form and excellence was found in all aspects of a product. Performance and quality were as important as style and design, with none taking second place. The most advanced technology combined with our classic style makes The American Mountain Co.ís products unwavering in all aspects.